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Citizen's Charter
Citizen's Charter/ Client's Charter
National Monuments Authority (NMA)



The National Monuments Authority (NMA) came into existence in 2011 as a statutory body constituted under the provisions of Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 2010. The basic objectives for setting up of NMA is implementation of the statutory provisions of prohibited and regulated areas of Centrally protected monuments for the purpose of construction, repair/renovation of buildings and public projects. In addition, NMA has been mandated to frame monuments specific heritage bye-laws to regulate construction activities around the Centrally Protected Monuments. The NMA has also been given the responsibility of classification and gradation of monuments in consultation with ASI.


1. Grants of NOC for construction in the Regulated Area of Centrally Protected Monuments
The applications for No Objection Certificate (NOC) for undertaking construction work within the regulated area of Centrally protected monuments is submitted to respective CAs, who forward the same to NMA along with his specific recommendations for consideration. The Authority recommends grant of NOC or otherwise, taking into consideration various factors necessary for preservation and maintenance of monuments. During the year, NMA conducts several meetings in which the Authority considers NOC applications received during the year and recommends for grant of NOC. Some of the applications are either rejected or sent back for non availability of information and/or documents relevant for consideration of the applications.
2. Online Application Portal of NMA and Integrated Online Portal with Urban Local Bodies
NMA has also been mandated to integrate its online application system (NOAPS) for grant of NOC for undertaking construction in the Regulated Area of Centrally Protected Monuments with various states and local bodies. This has so far been successfully done with three Municipal Corporations of Delhi and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai in the year 2016-17. As a part of this initiative, the online portal of NMA has further been in a process of integration with the states of Jharkhand, Gujarat, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttrakhand and Madhya Pradesh. The NOC Online Application and Processing System (NOAPS) which was developed and operationalised last year for Construction/Re-construction related projects, has further been revamped for providing the facility of applying online for "Additions and Alteration" projects for Delhi and Mumbai at present.
3. Initiative under Ease of Doing Business
Online NOC Application Process System (NOAPS) was introduced by National Monuments Authority (NMA) in September 2015 for grant of NOC for Construction near Centrally Protected Monuments. Salient features of the process are:-

a) Application can be submitted from anywhere in India Online.
b) It is transparent, as there is no human intervention right from submission of application to measurement of distance from the monument. This also removes the intermediaries, which makes it corruption free.
c) The distance of Construction site from the Monuments is measured by using SMARAC Mobile App developed by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The applicant himself submits the location of the property and distance from monument.
d) The time taken for disposal of applications is reduced from more than 3 months on an average to 30 days after the receipt of complete application online. India has achieved World Bank ranking of 52 in "Ease of Doing Business" in respect of Construction Permit for the year 2018, which was 181 in year 2017.
4. Integration of Online Portal with Urban Local Bodies
As a Part of Government of India initiative on "Ease of Doing Business" the online portal of NMA is fully integrated with the following Urban Local Bodies:
1. 3 Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD)
2. New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC)
3. Delhi Development Authority (DDA)
4. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)
5. 3 ULBs of Jharkhand
6. 378 ULBs of Madhya Pradesh
7. 110 ULBs of Andhra Pradesh
8. 1 ULB of Telangana
9. 196 ULBs of Gujarat
10. 10 ULBs of Punjab
11. 15 ULBs of Haryana.
5. Heritage Bye-Laws
  • Section 20E of AMASR Act prescribes the procedure for framing of heritage bye-laws.
  • The Competent Authority in consultation with expert heritage bodies notified by Central Government has been mandated to prepare draft heritage bye-laws in respect of each protected monument and protected area.
  • The draft heritage bye-laws are required to be considered by NMA keeping the specific requirement of conditions necessary for heritage controls such as elevation, facades, drainage system etc.
  • After approval of the heritage bye-laws by the Authority, the same shall be laid before each House of the Parliament.
Status of HBL
List of Heritage Bye laws laid in both the Houses of the Parliament
Sl.No Heritage Bye-Laws for Number of Centrally Protected Monuments Date on which it was laid in RajyaSabha Date on which it was laid in LokSabha
1. Amjad Ali Shah's Mausoleum 1 7.01.2019 8.01.2019
2. Humayun's Tomb-Sunder Nursery- Batashewala group of monuments 17 9.07.2019 22.07.2019
3. NizamuddinBasti group of monuments 7 9.07.2019 15.07.20190
4. PuranaQila 1 26.07.2019 26.07.2019
5. Sher Shah Gate and Khair-ulManazil 2 26.07.2019 26.07.2019
Total Heritage Bye-laws= 5
Total Monuments=31
46 (Forty six) HBLs are under process.
6. Categorization of Monuments
  • Section 4A & 20 I (b) of ‘The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 give legislative sanction for categorisation of monuments.
  • The procedure has been envisaged in Rule 6 of the National Monuments Authority (Condition of Service of Chairman and Members of the Authority and conduct of Business) Rules, 2011, notified in August 2011.
  • The Schedule appended to Rule 6 of NMA Rules 2011 lists eight categories.
Status of Categorization
  • Total number of Centrally Protected Monuments - 3691
  • Centrally Protected Monuments categorised and sent to Ministry of Culture for issuing notification - 915
7.Status of NOC applications
  • As on date 9384 applications have been received Offline. Out of the above 7065 applications have been Recommended, 162 applications are under consideration and 1075 applications were sent back.
  • As on date 318 applications have been received online. Out of the above 298 applications have been Recommended, 20 applications were Rejected.


Sl.No Service/ Transaction Responsible Person (Designation) Email Phone No/ Address Process Documents Required FEE
1. Grant of NOC for construction within Prohibited/ Regulated Area of Centrally Protected Monuments Sh. Navneet Soni, Member Secretary, NMA 23073837 24,Tilak Marg, New Delhi- 11001 1. An Applicant is required to submit an application in prescribed format (Form- I) with requisite documents to the Competent Authority of the state.
2. The prescribed format is available in the NMA website (
1.Form-I 2.Form-II 3.Google Map 4.Site Plan 5.Elevation details/plan 6.Section details/plan 7.Floor details/plan 8.Self Declaration document 9.Monument photos 10.Proposed site photos 11.Property documents 12.HIA report (Proposed built-up area more than 5000sqm) NIL
2. Framing of Heritage Bye- Laws Sh. Navneet Soni, Member Secretary, NMA 23073837 24,Tilak Marg, New Delhi- 11001 1. The Heritage Bye- Laws are drafted by 5 Regional Directors, Archaeological Survey Of India (ASI) in respect of Centrally Protected Monuments of their respective regions and submit the same to Director General (DG), ASI.
2. DG, ASI forwards the same to NMA after vetting.
3. The Heritage Bye- Laws are considered by NMA.
4. After approval, each Heritage Bye- laws uploaded for one month in the website of NMA/ASI, inviting comments of general public.
5. After one month, NMA again considers the Heritage Bye- Laws along with comments received, if any, and takes a decision regarding its final approval.
6. The Heritage Bye Laws so approved are referred to Ministry Of Culture for laying before both the Houses of Parliament.
7.The Heritage Bye Laws are then placed in the website of NMA, ASI and respective Competent Authorities.

Service Standards

Sl.No Service/ Transaction Success Indicators Service standards Unit Data Source
1. Grant of NOC for construction within Prohibited/ Regulated Area of Centrally Protected Monuments Grant of NOC by Competent Authority 90 (After receipt of NOC application along with all requisite documents with recommendation and inspection report) Days The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 2010.

Grievance redressal Mechanism

In case of non compliance of the service standards, the service recipients/stakeholders can contact the following Public Grievance Officer for redressal of their grievance:-
Sh. Navneet Soni
Member Secretary (NMA)
24,Tilak Marg, New Delhi- 110001
Tel: 011- 23073837

The grievance can also be lodged on-line on the following link:-

Escalation of Grievance

In case the grievance is not redressed within a period of one month, the same can be taken up at higher level to the following nodal authority:-

Sh. Tarun Vijay
Chairperson, NMA
Tel: 23380540

S.No Stake holders
1. General Public.

Sl.No Name & Designation Address Contact Nos.
1. Shri T.R. Sharma
Regional Director (North), ASI &
Competent Authority
Institutional Bldg.,
Red Fort Complex,
Red Fort,
Delhi – 110006,
M : 9891674050
E mail :,
2. Smt. Nandini Bhattacharya Sahu
Regional Director(E) ASI & Comptent
Authority, West Bengal, Manipur,
Sikkim,Tripura, Mizoram & Arunachal Pradesh
Currency Building, 1 BBD Bag,
Kolkata – 700001
(West Bengal)
R.D. (South)
M : 09423678935
E mail :
3. Shri Madan Singh Chauhan
Regional Director(C) ASI &
Competent Authority, Madhya Pradesh
G.T.B. Complex
(3rd Floor),T.T.Nagar,
(Madhya Pradesh)
R.D. (West)
0755 – 2555526
M : 09422201874
E mail :
4. Sh.Daljeet Singh,
Competent Authority NCT Of Delhi
Puratatava Bhawan, 1st Floor,
GPO Complex, D-Block, INA, New
Delhi- 110023
M: 9810042209
E mail :
5. Shri Anil Kumar
IAS : 1998
Commissioner and
Competent Authority, Agra
Office of the Commissioner,
Agra Division,
D.L.A. Road,
Phoolsayyed Chowk,
Agra – 282001
M : 09454417491
E mail :
6. Shri Deepak Agrawal
IAS : 2000
Divisional Commissioner and Competent Authority,
Uday Pratap Marg,
Govt. of U.P.,
Varanasi – 221002
0542- 2508203/2282333
M : 09454417508
E mail :
7. Shri Anil Garg
IAS : 1996
Divisional Commissioner and Competent Authority,
Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Near CDRI,
Lucknow – 226001
0522 – 2629522
M : 09454417503
E mail :
8. Shri Malwinder Singh Jaggi
IAS : 2006
Director and Competent Authority,
Archaeology, Cultural Affairs,
Museums and Archieves, Punjab,
Plot No. 3,Sec. 38A
0172 – 2694889
M : 09780039112
E mail :
9. Shri Ravi Prakash Gupta
IAS : 2007
Director and Competent Authority,
Archaeology and Museum,
Deptt. of Haryana,
Art & Design Bldg.,
Sector 10-A,
Chandigarh -160011
0172 – 2740560
M : 07587208755
E mail :
10. Shri Hridesh Kumar Sharma
IAS : 1991
Director and Competent Authority
Department of Archaeology & Museum, Albert Hall,
Ramniwas Bagh,
Jaipur – 302001
0141 – 2820360
M : 09829366777
E mail :
11. Dr. Purnima Chauhan
IAS : 2000
Secretary and Competent Authority
Himachal Pradesh
Language and Culture Department,
Block No. 39,
SDA Complex,
Shimla – 171009 (H.P.)
M : 09418001253
E mail :
12. Shri Munir-Ul-Islam
Director and Competent Authority
Jammu & Kashmir
Directorate of Archives, Archaeology & Museum,
Mubarak Mandi,
Old Secretariat,
Jammu (J&K)

Directorate of Archives, Archaeology & Museum,
Near SPS Museum,
Lal Mandi,
Srinagar – 190006
0191 – 2578834
M : 09419002903
E mail:

0194- 2311185
M : 09419002903
E mail:
13. Shri P.A. Sharma
Director and Competent Authority,
Abhilekhagar Bhawan
Near Gandhinagar Fire Brigade,
Sector – 17,
M : 09413784669
E mail :
14. Smt. Sangamitra Satpathy
Director and Competent Authority,
Directorate of Culture,
Museum Complex,
Sanskriti Bhawan,
Kalpana Square,
M : 09437853288
E mail :
15. Shri Ravi Manu Bhai Parmar
IAS : 1990
Principal Secretary and Competent
Art & Culture and Youth Affairs,
Vikas Bhawan,
Bailey Road
Patna – 800014

0612 – 2211619
M : 08879001133
E mail :
16. Shri Taran Prakash Sinha
IAS : 2012
Director and Competent Authority,
Directorate of Culture and
M.G.M. Museum,
Civi Lines,
Raipur – 492001 (Chattisgarh)

0771 – 2537404
M : 09425250060
E mail
17. Shri Ashok Kumar Singh
IAS : 2005
Director and Competent Authority,
Directorate of Art, Culture, Sports
and Youth Affairs,
Govt. of Jharkhand,

0651 – 2401083
M : 09931135860
E mail :
18. Mrs. (Dr.) G. Galivani Mohan
IAS : 1996
Commissioner and Competent
Authority, Andhra Pradesh
Department of Archaeology &
Museum, ‘B'Block,
Vasuda Shelters,
Gollpudi One Centre,
Vijayawada –521225
(Andhra Pradesh)
M : 08897512266
E mail :
19. Sh. A. Dinakar Babu, IAS
Director and Competent Authority,
Office of Director, Deptt. of
Heritage, Telangana (formerly
Department of Archaeology &
Telangana State

040 – 23234942
M : 09490493072
E mail :
20. Smt. K.R. Sona
Director and Competent Authority,
Director of Archaeology,
Sree Padam Palace,
Fort (PO),
Pin : 695023
M : 09447131654
E mail keralacompetentauthority
21. Dr(Smt.). Deepti Rekha Kouli
Director and Competent Authority,
Directorate of Archaeology,
Guwahati – 781001 (Assam)
M : 09435558160
E mail
22. Shri S. Ganessin
Dy. Secretary and Competent Authority,
Department of Art and Culture,
Romain Rolland Street,
M : 09940714540
E mail :
23. Shri Rupesh Kumar Thakur
IAS : 2006
Secretary and Competent Authority,
Archives & Archaeology,
Secretariat, Porvorim,
Goa – 403521
M : 08130548061
E mail :
24. Smt. Pooja Jain
IAS : 2011
Secretary and Competent Authority,
Daman & Diu
Directorate of Tourism
Secretariat, Fort Area, Moti
Daman & Diu-396210

M : 09560316279
E mail : secretarytourism2017 @
25. Shri Dilip Javalkar
IAS : 2003
Secretary & Competent Authority
Dte. of Culture,
MDDA Colony
Chander Road
Dehradun (U.K.)


Indicative Expectations from Service Recipients

  • All applications/ proposals are to be submitted in the formats prescribed for grant of NOC for construction in the Regulated Area of Centrally Protected Monuments.
  • Relevant documents/enclosures are to be submitted along with the application/ proposal. Check list may be adhered to.
  • Time line stipulated, if any, completion of formalities for the service delivery are to be adhered to.
  • Cross- checking for information/ latest position in the matter with concerned officials before raising query/grievances.
  • Grievance in respect of services included in the Citizens'/ Clients' are to be lodged at:
Central Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring Systems (CPGRAMS)